Month: March 2019

Canada Becker Pumps | Oil-less Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

If you’re searching for an Oil-less Rotary Vane vacuum pump in Canada, Becker Pumps of Canada is now being distributed directly into Canada. They now will resume the responsibilities of  R.E. Morrison Equipment. Offering Canadian facilities the opportunity to purchase machinery directly from one of the best central air machinery manufacturing companies. The Oil-less rotary … Continue reading “Canada Becker Pumps | Oil-less Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump”

Machined Delrin | Benefits of Delrin | Machining Delrin | Jaco Products

Machined Delrin What is Machined Delrin? Machined Delrin, sometimes called acetal, provides a variety of benefits. This will produce a quality product that is tough to wear out. It is easy to machine and fabricates with low, consistent internal stress. Jaco has experience working with Delrin plastic and recognizes the benefits of using this durable, … Continue reading “Machined Delrin | Benefits of Delrin | Machining Delrin | Jaco Products”

Ohio Plastic Manufacturing Company

Ohio Plastic Manufacturing Company Jaco Products is a Plastic Manufacturing company located in Ohio. Looking for a plastic manufacturing Company that can get your job accomplished quickly, yet accurately and at a fair price? Jaco Products can provide the efficiency and cost-effectiveness you need. They have earned a respectable reputation as the leading plastic machine … Continue reading “Ohio Plastic Manufacturing Company”

Expert Garage Designers

Expert Garage Designers | Ohio Garage Interiors Ohio Garage Interiors employs some of the best expert garage designers in Ohio. They offer a myriad of services to transform your garage into a beautiful extension of your home. With their cabinets, epoxy floor coatings, garage rack systems, and other products, the possibilities are endless. Ohio Garage … Continue reading “Expert Garage Designers”

Garage Rack System

Is your Garage a disaster in the making?   If you find yourself afraid to move around freely within your garage space for fear of something falling over and possibly injuring yourself and or your new car then it might just be time to invest in a Garage Rack System. With Ohio Garage Interiors, they … Continue reading “Garage Rack System”