Month: June 2020

Solidworks Modeling Contractor

Solidworks Modeling Contractor, a 3D MODELING SERVICE The core service at Blue-Reed is as a SolidWorks Modeling Contractor providing a 3d modeling service as a sub-contractor or as part of the development of a product. Blue-Reed, LLC uses the latest version of SolidWorks 3D Solid Modeling software for engineering and the solid modeling process in … Continue reading “Solidworks Modeling Contractor”

Product design companies

Product Design Companies | Blue-Reed, LLC Blue-reed stands above other product design companies as the experts in all plastic and metal forming processes.  The many processes of plastic product design including  injection molding, vacuum forming, extrusion,  rotational molding, blow molding,, etc., all have nuanced guidelines needed for creating high-quality plastic parts. If you are looking … Continue reading “Product design companies”