Becker Pumps vs. Busch Pumps

Busch Pumps

Becker Pumps: A Better Alternative to Busch Pumps

If you are considering using Busch pumps for your vacuum pump application, Becker Pumps would like to offer you a superior alternative. Becker Pumps stays ahead of the competition by offering durable and efficient machinery. They also offer 135 years of industry experience. As a result, they have built a world-class brand with state-of-the-art products and reliable service. Furthermore, Becker Pumps has more than 80 years of experience over Busch Pumps.

Becker Pumps offers various types of vacuum pumps, regenerative blowers, and compressors. These products offer many advantages over Busch machinery:

  1. Faster production – Becker Pumps offers the quickest evacuation time in the industry and 7% faster pump downtime than Busch pumps.
  2. Quiet and Compact – Becker Pumps produce minimal noise and offer convenient compact design.
  3. Cooler Running – Becker Pumps are some of the coolest running pumps in the industry. They maintain optimal temperatures much more effectively than Busch pumps.
  4. Reliability – Becker Pumps are incredibly reliable and have much lower maintenance needs than Busch pumps.
  5. Design – Smaller overall footprint than Busch pumps.
  6. Efficiency – A superior CFM/Horsepower ratio relative to Busch pumps.
  7. Support – Attentive and knowledgeable customer service and support.
  8. Delivery – Becker Pumps offers a complete inventory of all vacuum pump series with routine replacement parts on their online store.  They also offer same-day shipment to anywhere in North America.

Becker Pumps offers machinery with the versatility to perform in a variety of industries. Here are a few industries currently utilizing superior Becker machinery:

  • Aerospace
  • Aggregates
  • Automotive and Tire
  • Food Processing
  • Electronics
  • Environmental
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Laboratories
  • Paper
  • Printing
  • Waste and Water Treatment
  • Vacuum Forming

These industries depend on Becker products as well as their reliable customer service. 

Reliable Customer Service | Becker vs. Busch Pumps

The Becker Pumps Customer Service Team offers an average of 10 years’ experience per staff member. They must also complete a comprehensive, factor training seminar. Becker Pumps wants their customer service to be attentive and efficient, so they can offer the most value to their customers. Any time you call Becker’s support staff, you will connect with a specialist with the expertise to answer all your questions, solve issues, track shipments and input orders. Becker Pump’s technical support team is among the best in the industry, so you can trust them to help you with any machinery-related issues.

Best-Qualified Pump for All Industrial Applications

Becker works to create the most effective and versatile pumps, so they can perform optimally in almost any industry application.

Aeration & Agitation

Becker’s regenerative blowers and compressors are 100% oil-free. They also offer ZERO contamination to dirt and water. As a result, Becker is the most effective solution for all aeration and agitation needs. Applications such as planting, cleaning or rinsing of tanks, aerating ponds, lagoons, and fish farms are perfect for Becker Pumps. Furthermore, Becker machinery is the most environmentally friendly solution on the market.

Composite/RTM/LRTM Manufacturing

Becker Pumps can manage large or small autoclaves, vacuum layup, and composite/RTM/LRTM manufacturing with ease. They offer single and multi-pump solutions for any vacuum process in the industry. However, if your application requires more unique specifications, Becker can customize them for optimal performance.

Vacuum Pumps for Maple Sugar Extraction

Becker Pumps offers many vacuum pumps and machine accessories for ideal use in maple sugar extraction. These pumps also offer durable construction, low maintenance requirements, and reduced operating costs. Additionally, Becker Pumps can handle anywhere from 1,400 to 43,000 taps per pump.

Medical/Surgical & Industrial Central Vacuum Systems

Becker Pumps are also ideal in many Medical/Surgical and Industrial fields. Check out their product catalog for a complete list of their vacuum pump series. If you are uncertain of which pump is best for your application, Becker support technicians can help you find the best medical/surgical vacuum pumps to fulfill your requirements.

Becker has been considered to be a best-in-class vacuum pump manufacturer for over 30 years. Both their oil-free and oil-lubricated pumps offer unmatched efficiency. Furthermore, Becker is the only company in the vacuum industry offering high-value warranties.

Printing and Paper Market

Becker offers a wide selection of equipment and many valuable services for the printing, packaging and paper industries. They offer services in pre-press, offset printing, flexographic printing, and web printing. Becker machinery also works in converting processing, including binding, folding and die-cutting.

Woodworking and Plastic Router

Choose from many vacuum pump solutions for the woodworking and plastic market and router industries. Becker Pumps are ideal vacuum hold-down applications. They are particularly effective for CNC router tables. Furthermore, Becker machinery is ideal for saving energy and reducing overall operation costs, especially in spoil board applications.

Wastewater Treatment

Becker Pumps offers precision solutions for ensuring maximum degradation whether you have a Conventional Activated Sludge System (CAS) or an Aerated Stabilization Basin (ABS).

Vacuum Packaging

Becker recognizes that there are many different types of vacuum packaging, each of which has unique machinery requirements. Thus, they offer versatile machinery for increasing the speed and productivity of your process. Whether it’s paper, cardboard, or corrugated metal/plastic, Becker Pumps has the machinery to save you time and money. Furthermore, Becker Pumps are ideal for industries specializing in custom, flexible, rigid, reusable, contract or collapsible packaging.

However, if you still think Busch pumps are best for your facility’s vacuum system, CNC hold-down or primary and secondary packaging, please consult the experienced support staff at Becker Pumps. Becker can demonstrate the value of their machinery and show you the unique advantages you won’t receive with Busch pumps.