4 Reasons to Choose a Dry Pump from Becker Pumps

4 Reasons to Choose a Dry Pump from Becker Pumps dry pump

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Becker Pumps is a leading provider of dry pump, vacuum pump, and regenerative blower machinery in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Avanaire Design and Becker work together to help customers access the high-quality vacuum pumps they need.

Becker Pumps designs, manufactures, and delivers efficient dry pump machinery for their customers, while Avanaire Design works on the backend. We give Becker Pumps with the digital marketing tools necessary for succeeding and adapting in an online marketplace. In fact, we give Becker more visibility on both social media platforms and Google Search results. As a result, they can reach a wider audience of potential customers. In turn, their customers can find the vacuum pump equipment they need.

A dry pump offers ultimate pressure and vacuum output with unparalleled efficiency. Becker Pumps are also ideal for applications involving medium or variable vacuum ranges. Additionally, Becker dry pumps never experience internal, metal-to-metal contact. So, they inherently compensate for wear and tear, reduce maintenance requirements, and save you time and money.

Why choose Becker dry pumps?

Power consumption is an important consideration when installing vacuum pumps. Vacuum pumps have the ability to consume significant amounts of energy when producing atmospheric pressure. This energy usage also has a major influence on your facility’s overall efficiency. Therefore, implementing a dry pump with superior efficiency ratings can increase overall profitability.

Becker Pumps is constantly working towards the improvement of their vacuum pump equipment. So, they can give every customer the best possible pumps for their applications. In fact, facilities that install Becker Pumps will notice an immediate upgrade to general operations.

4 reasons to install dry pump vacuum pumps

1. Becker dry pumps offer entirely oil-free operation.

The name “dry pump” references the ability of these vacuum pumps to operate without the use of oil. This means you can save money on operating your facility, while also becoming more environmentally friendly overall.

2. the most environmentally friendly technology in the industry.

Energy-efficient, oil-less machinery results in the enhanced environmental friendliness of your facility by lowering its overall footprint.

3. Vanes last much longer than other brands.

Becker dry pump vanes offer superior durability and longevity in comparison to competing brands. So, facilities do not need to buy as many replacements, while avoiding machinery downtime.

4. Minimal maintenance requirements.

Longer vane life and more durable construction results in lower overall maintenance requirements. Becker Pumps helps you save more time and money while increasing efficiency with sturdier equipment.

How do I pick the best vacuum pump for my application?

Although dry rotary vane pumps offer many unique advantages, they are not always the best option for the job. For example, applications involving the consumption of large amounts of liquid or deep vacuum levels of 28″ HgV or more require specialized machinery.

If you are uncertain of which pump you need, Becker Pumps can provide professional recommendations. With their diverse catalog of vacuum pumps and regenerative blowers, you can find the best machinery for your facility. Becker has also helped various industries find the pumps they need. These industries include graphic arts, vacuum chucking, robotics, surgical applications, packaging, and more! You can depend on Becker Pumps to deliver the high-quality vacuum pump solutions you need.

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Looking to install a reliable, high-efficiency vacuum pump in your facility? Consider Becker’s dry pump equipment! Learn more about Becker Pumps on the Avanaire Design Blog or visit their website.
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