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Conduit straps are designed to support EMT ( Electrical Metal Tubing) to wood, masonry, and other surfaces. established in Spring 2019 is an online store for the product manufacture PMD. PMD is a full-service metal stamping company that manufactures stamped metal parts for a myriad of industries.  With their online store, you can now purchase from their wide myriad of sizes, to meet the requirements of your needs.

EMT Straps – are designed with a snap-on feature for easy installation, and provide load-bearing compacity when mounting to a surface.

Rigid Straps – are designed to provide support for Rigid conduit while mounting to a surface.

1 Hole AC Strap | 1 Hole MC Straps – are designed to provide support for armored or metal-clad cable.

If you are in need of purchasing conduit straps please visit for a complete listing of all the types and sizes available. PMD manufactures both standard and custom-designed conduit straps, hangers, reducing washers, and other electrical hardware items using precision stamping equipment.’s Electrical Hardware Distribution

Conduit Straps

Conduit Hanger

Beam Straps

Reducing Washer

Rod Hanger

Strap Hanger

Strut Strap

Stainless Steel Strap

MC Straps

All Thread Hanger

1 2 EMT Straps

Strut Straps for EMT

EMT Straps & Conduit Hangers

Side Beam Rod Hanger

1 Hole Strap

3 4 EMT Strap Distance

3 4 Strut Strap

1 Copper Strap

3 Inch Conduit Strap

Steel Beam Straps

Box Straps

One Hole Strap

Steel Hanger

EMT Straps

Hanger Bolt Driver

Stainless Steel Hangers

Metal Strap With Holes

MC Cable Straps

Hanger Dimensions

2 Hole Strap

3 8 One Hole MC Straps

3 Conduit Strap

3 4 EMT One Hole Strap

1 Conduit Hanger

Electrical Pipe Hangers

5 Conduit Hanger

Steel Conduit Hanger

Metal Cable Hangers

3 8 Strut Strap

Two Hole Strap Galvanized Steel

Hanger Dimensions

2 Hole Strap

Strap Hardware

Metal Hanger Strap

Metal Clip Hangers

Vertical Hangers

1 1 2 Galvanized Metal Strap

2 Straps

Strap Hardware

Two Hole Strap

2 Hole Strap Clamp

Hole Strap

Aluminum One Hole Straps

2 Hole Strap Clamp

Hole Strap

1 2 EMT One Hole Strap

Rigid One Hole Strap

2 Galvanized Strapping

6 2 Hole Strap

Strap With Holes

Electrical Wire Hangers

Bolt Hanger

Metal Beam Straps

Electrical Straps

3 8 Threaded Rod Hanger

Stainless Steel Pipe Hangers

Heavy Duty Pipe Strap

Conduit Hanger Clamp

2 Hole Pipe Straps

Stainless Steel Pipe Straps

Aluminum One Hole Straps

1 4 Strap

Conduit Strap

PVC Strut Straps

Strap Electrical

Two One Four Straps

Metal Conduit Brackets

EMT Strap Spacing

Rigid Conduit Straps

U Strap Clamp

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PMD | Progressive Machine Die | Competitive Pricing For Your Metal Stamping Projects

PMD is a full-service metal stamper offering precision metal stamping as well as design, prototype, progressive die stamping, in-house tooling, assembly, and custom stampings. Established in 1963, they have built a well-known name for themselves. Additionally, they are one of the few US product manufactures of conduit straps and hangers. PMD now operates an 80,000 square foot facility which opened in 1999. This facility is the home of PMD’s administrative headquarters, manufacturing plant, and engineering and design facility. PMD is dedicated to its policy of consistently investing in increasingly advanced technology and machinery. This is what sets them apart from other companies. 


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If you are looking for CONDUIT STRAPS  of the highest quality available, we strongly urge you to consider Conduit Hardware.  Learn more about on the Avanaire Design Blog or visit their website.