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QualityIP has become a leader in Managed IT Services and has done so quicker than most. For the second consecutive year, QualityIP was included in the top 100 fastest growing IT companies in Northeast Ohio. The list is a celebration of entrepreneurship created by the Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management titled “The Weatherhead 100.” This celebration has occurred annually for 31 years, celebrating the successes of the fastest growing IT companies and businesses. Furthermore, the annual gala emphasizes the importance of these companies in regard to the local economy and the surrounding communities.

The ceremony honors the fastest growing IT companies and other businesses in three categories:

•  Upstarts employing fewer than fifteen employees with less than $5 million net sales in the last year.
•  Centurions with net sales of $100 million or more in the past year.
•  The Weatherhead 100 honorees, like QualityIP, who employ a minimum of sixteen full-time employees and have minimum net sales of $100,000 in their first year and over $1 million in their fifth.

QualityIP’s placement at 38th is twelve spots higher than last year.

QualityIP Managed IT Services

Managing a business is a harrowing task, requiring optimal time, resource, and employee management; therefore, losing time and resources to technology failures can have serious consequences. QualityIP can help relieve the effects of technology issues, preventing serious issues before they can impact the business. Business owners can focus on managing their business and making a profit while QualityIP maintains technological infrastructure. Furthermore, QualityIP both performs maintenance and protects business technology, making network security concerns a thing of the past. With QualityIP, businesses can focus their time and energy on efficiency and success.

QualityIP and the Managed IT Services Model | Fastest Growing IT Companies

There are many IT consulting companies that use a Break/Fix business model to serve their customers; however, this model can sometimes cause more damage than it fixes. The Break/Fix model requires customers to contact their provider for each issue they encounter, wasting copious amounts of time in the long run. QualityIP, in contrast, offers a Managed IT Services model to their customers. This model simply requires a monthly payment for nearly constant maintenance. QualityIP will monitor your business’ computers, networks, and other technological infrastructure. They will perform updates, maintenance, and repairs while your company continues to run and focus on more important tasks. QualityIP’s Managed IT Services stop issues before they can become a problem. With QualityIP, you can have faith in your business technology.

Avanaire Design | QualityIP | Fastest Growing IT Companies

Marketing has and always will be an important aspect of business; however, digital marketing has changed the process drastically. Today, our economy is more technology-focused than ever. Avanaire Design works with small to mid-size businesses in Northeast Ohio, taking their marketing potential and using it to their advantage. Our SEO packages and digital marketing strategies help our clients reach the top of Google Search results and increase activity on social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and more!

QualityIP can help your business with virtually any technological issue. If you want help from one of the fastest growing IT companies in Northeast Ohio, do not hesitate to contact QualityIP. Learn more about QualityIP on the Avanaire Design Blog or visit their website.