Medical Rubber Products and the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Have you and your colleagues been planning to use custom rubber parts for your next project?  Without a doubt, you can count on Qualiform Custom Rubber Molding for quality products. Learn more about customization options for medical rubber products by visiting the Qualiform Custom Rubber Molding company website.  You can find more information about the professionals from Qualiform Custom Rubber Molding and their work by visiting the Avanaire Design blog.

Medical Rubber Products and the COVID-19 Pandemic | High Quality

The spread of the novel coronavirus has shaken up healthcare systems all over the world and has drained supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) when medical teams need it most.  Companies across industries are stepping up to produce necessary supplies. From sportswear brands to popular fashion labels, all kinds of businesses have been contributing to the cause. Have you and your team been wanting to contribute?  Learn more about the material options for medical rubber products to have a better understanding during your planning process.

Protective gloves are some of the most necessary and scarce supplies during this crisis.  Manufacturers often choose nitrile rubber for protective gloves, as this type provides distinct resistance to both water and heat.  In addition, nitrile rubber provides a hypoallergenic alternative to latex.

Another compound useful to the medical field is Viton rubber.  This type is useful and hygienic for medical seals, as it is notably resistant to water and a wide range of chemicals.

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The Northeast Ohio business community has a distinct history in the rubber manufacturing and fabrication industries, and a unique legacy of excellence in these fields.  Qualiform Custom Rubber Molding keeps it going and provides premier custom fabrications. To list, available services include

  • Rubber Molding Services
  • Rubber Extrusion
  • Custom Rubber Molding
  • Rubber Injection Molding
  • Custom Rubber Compression Molding
  • Rubber Transfer Molding
  • Custom Rubber to Metal Bonding
  • Custom Rubber Grommet Production
  • Both Rubber Gasket and Seal Fabrication
  • Recycling Star Fabrication

Qualiform Custom Rubber Molding sets itself apart through its diverse fabrication capabilities.  In fact, the team offers a wide range of materials, including

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