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New Technical Operations Manager | IT Manager

QualityIP recently announced the promotion for their new IT manager. Jennifer Hendershot, a Cisco-certified IT technician, has been a QualityIP employee for three years, acting as Technical Account Manager, a position through which she served some of their largest clients. She has now been promoted to the newly formed position of Technical Operations Manager. In her new role as IT Manager, Handershot oversees communications between QualityIP’s team of thirty technicians, their clients, and internal management. Her other responsibilities include the development of standard operating procedures, internal policies, and technical team procedures as well as the management of client projects.

QualityIP Managed IT Services

The management of a business requires expert organization of time and resources, and technical issues can get in the way of efficiency. Repeated technical failures can have a serious impact on a business’ productivity. QualityIP’s manage IT services help lessen the blow of technical failures, stopping serious issues before they can affect the business. Business owners need time to focus on managing their business and making a profit. QualityIP gives owners that time by maintaining technology and network security.

QualityIP and the Managed IT Services Model | IT Manager

It is common for IT consulting companies to use a Break/Fix model to serve their customers, but this model can sometimes cause more problems than it fixes. The Break/Fix model requires clients to contact their service provider for every single instance of technical failure. Over the course of many technical issues, this wastes significant amounts of time. However, with QualityIP, customers receive the benefits of Managed IT Services, in which customers pay a monthly fee for virtually constant service. QualityIP monitors your networks, computers, and other technological infrastructure. They will also perform maintenance, updates, and repairs while the company focuses on what’s important. QualityIP can stop technical failures before they can make a negative impact, restoring the reliability of business technology.

Protection from Security Breaches

Network security breaches are increasing in volume every day; thus, protecting business technology is crucial. Furthermore, information on your customers and employees could be at risk. QualityIP can provide the network protection your business needs. They will protect your intellectual property along with any employee or customer information. QualityIP’s network security practices offer the strength and integrity necessary for keeping your company safe.

Avanaire Design | QualityIP | IT Manager

Our economy has become centered around the use of technology; thus, digital marketing has never been more important. Avanaire Design works with small to mid-size Northeast Ohio businesses, employing their marketing potential to their advantage. Our SEO packages and digital marketing strategies can help businesses reach the top of Google Search results and significantly increase visibility on social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.).

QualityIP can help your business with almost any technological issue. If you want help from one of the best IT companies in Northeast Ohio, do not hesitate to contact QualityIP. With their Managed IT Services and new IT manager, QualityIP can properly support your business technology. Learn more about QualityIP on the Avanaire Design Blog or visit their website.