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Are you in need of high-quality, custom rubber products for a unique application? Qualiform Inc. is a top rubber molder in Ohio, and they are the best option for creating custom products for specific situations. Furthermore, Qualiform focuses their staff and resources to provide reliable customer service in a friendly, helpful manner. Qualiform combines extensive in a myriad of different custom rubber molding specialties. These specialties include compression molding, rubber-to-metal bonding, transfer molding, and more. With high versatility and unbeatable quality of products and services, Qualiform can make nearly any custom rubber product regardless of application.

The custom rubber molding and design process requires experience and attentiveness. Qualiform’s staff contains a diverse group of molding experts that guide customers through each step of the process. They will guide you from the very beginning of the design phase to the final approval of your product. Qualiform will also help you decide which polymer is best for your custom product; furthermore, if you are not sure what you are looking for, they will give you a variety of exceptional recommendations. With the help of Qualiform and their thirty years of experience in the industry, you will always get the exact product that you need at a quality that surpasses expectations.

Custom-Made Rubber Grommets | Rubber Molder

Qualiform can make virtually any variety of custom rubber products; however, one of the products they truly excel in is custom rubber grommets. They design their grommets in a multitude of materials: Viton, natural rubber, silicone, EPDM, and more. If you are looking something more specific, however, Qualiform can also provide custom compounds that work for unique customer specifications. Furthermore, Qualiform’s engineers will be by your side at each step of the design process. You will have complete involvement in the development of your product.

Whether it’s grommets, seals, or gaskets, Qualiform can make whatever you need at an incomparable quality. in addition, Qualiform’s rubber parts are also made in the U.S., meaning each customer receives products that meet all standards.

Unparalleled Quality | Rubber Molder

Since 1976, Qualiform has been developing their abilities to manufacture increasingly superior custom rubber products. They have earned a reputation for providing both high-quality products and reliable customer service. Their variety of services, including compression molding, transfer molding, rubber-to-metal bonding, etc., allow them to be one of the most capable rubber molders in Ohio. Furthermore, Qualiform focuses much of their time and resources to finding and employing state-of-the-art technology and rubber development resources. With a goal to engineer the best products possible, advanced technology is a necessity. Qualiform wants to exceed the expectations of their customers for both customer service and the quality of each product.

The Qualiform staff combines a total of 130 years of experience in all areas of the rubber manufacturing industry. Each employee is considered an important asset to the Qualiform team, and Qualiform invests in the skill set of every staff member. Quality and professionalism are never absent from Qualiform’s services.

Anyone in search of a rubber molder with experience in various rubber manufacturing processes, Qualiform has both the versatility and expertise to fulfill all of your custom rubber product needs. Their staff will work with you directly, ensuring that you receive a product that satisfies all of your needs. Read more about the services and capabilities of Qualiform Inc. on the Avanaire Design Blog.