How To Install Dryer Vent Through Glass Block Window | Best DIY

How To Install Dryer Vent Through Glass Block Window | Best DIY Dryer vent through glass block window

Are you tired of having residue build up on the siding of your home? If you need a better option to vent your dryer, it is time to consider installing a dryer vent through glass block window.

Why Choose Glass Block Ventilation?

Not only is venting your dryer essential to your health and safety, but it is also an additional cosmetic aspect of your home. When you are building a new home or renovating a home, adding glass block ventilation will create a modern, timeless design.

 Is There a Modern Way To Install a Dryer Vent?dryer vent through glass block

Most homes have dryer vents in the front or back of their house depending on where the dryer is located. Traditionally, this is installed through the siding of the house. 

If that is not the style you are looking for, there are several innovative ways to install dryer vents that builders are recommending to homeowners. The most popular way to install dryer vents is to now install a dryer vent through glass block window.

This new trend creates a seamless look that allows your home to be protected without having to cut into your nice siding.

How To Install A Dryer Vent Through Glass Block Window

There are many ways to do this yourself, as well as glass block suppliers that sell these specialty products and install them. 

If you are looking to do this yourself, it is possible! If you are a handyman or a do-it-yourself lady this project is easy to handle. Here is what you need to do to install a dryer vent through glass block window:

#1 Measure your basement window to see how many glass blocks will have to be removed to install the new vent.

#2 You will now have to cut the cement/mortar around the glass blocks using a sharp utility knife. Some mortar is extra strong so you may have to use a masonry drill to break apart the cement. Try and get as much broken apart as possible.

#3 Take out the glass blocks and set them aside. Clean up any debris around or in the window area, to ensure when installing a new vent there is nothing preventing the caulking from sticking.

#4 Apply a generous line of mortar around the window and insert your new glass block window/ dryer vent. Now, take a wet cloth and wipe any excess mortar away.

#5 Wait 24 hours for the glass block dryer vent to dry and then apply extra caulking to keep any moisture out.

Benefits Of Installing A Dryer Vent Through Glass Block Window

dryer vent through glass block window

Every home has a dryer vent which is one of the best ways to prevent carbon monoxide build-up, increase the longevity of your dryer, and also prevent fires due to overheating from occurring. Installing a dryer vent through your glass block window will allow moisture to escape from the tube that leads from your dryer to the outside which prevents a build-up of mold from occurring. 

Do you want to install a dryer vent through glass block window? If you want an updated dryer vent without the hassle of doing the project yourself, contact a local glass block supplier today. Not only will you find the best products, but they will install them for you. Call now!