The Top 7 Uses For A Mezzanine | Storage Mezzanine


What Is A Mezzanine?

A mezzanine in a manufacturing environment is a storage or work platform positioned between two floors. These platforms are often made from structural steel and allow for high demands of dense storage. This is an excellent solution for storage facilities that quickly run out of room for their products. If it’s not in the budget for your company to expand into another building, this is a great option for tall industrial buildings. 

There are many ways to use a mezzanine in an industrial setting. Here are the top 7 ways a mezzanine can be used in your work environment.

#1 General Storage


If you find your warehouse feels smaller and smaller because of the equipment you have or the products you sell, a mezzanine vertical storage unit is a great option for you. Adding a mezzanine allows more things to be stored off of the ground, while still being accessible to you at any time. A staircase is attached to the mezzanine storage unit and allows you to take advantage of the height of the warehouse.

#2 New Work Area

By installing a storage mezzanine into your warehouse, you can take products from the floor and store them up high, and in return, create a workspace under the mezzanine platform. This area can be used as a new workspace or even an office area. Installing a mezzanine storage unit will expand your warehouse space, without spending excessive money moving buildings and relocating products/equipment.

#3 Aesthetic Appeal


Not only is a mezzanine a modern storing solution for industrial purposes, but it can also be used for businesses that are open to the public. This allows for an open and airy feel to your space that will create an inviting environment for customers.

#4 Lower Installation Cost

Buying a new building or adding a wing to an existing warehouse can be very expensive. Investing in vertical storage solutions like a mezzanine is a lower-cost option that is fully customizable.

#5 No Disruptions

If a company needed to expand and relocate, it would be a long move. Equipment is heavy and getting all of the products set up in a new facility would take months. By investing in a mezzanine, you wouldn’t have to disrupt your normal day-to-day operations, as installing the mezzanine would only take five to seven days.

#6 Relocation

Over time, you will need to rearrange your facility. If you have a mezzanine, it can be rearranged in a variety of ways to accommodate your storage needs. It can also be easily moved if it needs to be in another part of the building.

#7 Configuration

The mezzanine’s height, size, load capacity, and access points can be configured to meet your needs. You can also choose from a variety of staircase configurations, as well as a variety of deck surfaces.

Order A Mezzanine Today


If you are in need of a storage solution that will not break the bank, consider ordering a mezzanine. They are highly customizable and can be used for many years. There are several mezzanine manufacturers and installers in Northeast Ohio that would be happy to consult with you on your next project. Learn more about vertical storage solutions today.