How a Glass Staircase Can Be Innovative and Beautiful

glass staircase

Can Glass Be Used in Staircase Architecture?

Have you ever wondered how to add a stunning focal point to your building that’s also functional? A glass staircase is an underestimated design piece that will illuminate your space with natural light and provide structural support. Floating stair treads include a 3-ply glass stair tread that is over 1” thick. These glass stair landing panels can span up to 56” wide with only 2-sided support. 

A glass staircase is meant to reflect and filter as much light as possible. The best glass staircase architects design the system with mounting screws that are hidden behind the glass stair risers to ensure a smooth installation. To complete your glass and steel staircase design, you can choose between glass stair rises or glass stair panels. 

For the most stunning focal point in your building, you can pick from a variety of translucent or transparent glass pattern options. Once you have the design of your glass staircase just right, traction frits are used to make the floating stair treads an ideal walking surface for any application. Does this sound like the architectural design your office or business has been lacking? Keep reading to learn more about options for a glass staircase.

 Glass and Steel Staircases Design Features and Options

The best glass staircase architects will have standard glass options for your structural glass stair panels. These panels tend to have a greenish/blue hue to them. For a crystal-clear look, you can choose a low-iron glass panel. For slip-resistant options, you can choose from traction control ceramic frits, acid-etched walker textures, or sandblasting. Any option will give you the best anti-slip qualities for both wet and dry conditions. 

No matter which glass panel you choose for your glass staircase design, each glass panel type is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and maintain high-performance levels. The structural design of glass staircases gives the illusion of walking on air, but with the strength of engineered steel and glass. The translucency of the glass stair landing panels let you choose how much light will be filtered through, and if you’d like to blur what is on the other side of the steps

How Safe Is a Custom Glass Staircase?

Yes, custom glass stairs are safe for normal to heavy foot traffic and are slip-resistant. It’s no surprise that glass surfaces are slippery when wet and hard to gain traction on. That’s why it’s important to install an anti-slip component to your glass staircase construction details. To make floating stair treads safe, slip-resistant traction control frit patterns help create traction on the glass flooring system.

Anti-slip patterns and textures help reduce electrostatic charges and keep your glass floors clean. Because anti-slip textures are applied to the top layer of the glass, it doesn’t absorb anything dropped or spilled on the surface of the glass. For additional non-slip surfaces and a privacy panel, a sandblasted finish can be applied to the glass panel. 


Glass staircase- floating stair treads

How To Clean a Glass Staircase

Like any part of your building or office, it’s important to keep the surfaces of your glass staircase well-maintained. To clean your safety glass panels for stairs, use a non-alkaline detergent free of abrasive particles or polishing agents. Any residue left on the glass surface can scratch the surface of your stairs. After you have used a mild detergent, use a soft cloth mop or squeegee to remove streaks from the wet glass. If there is still residue left on your glass treads, a solution of 50/50 water and isopropyl alcohol should remove anything leftover. 


The aluminum and steel grids of your structural glass staircase also need to be cleaned. Many aluminum frames will have a clear anodized finish that will resist airborne dirt and allow for periodic cleaning with a gentle water solution. Whatever you do, do not use paint removers or abrasive cleaners on the aluminum grid. This can damage or remove the finish. Regular cleaning of the aluminum grid and floating stair treads will preserve its beauty and strength for years to come.

Where To Buy a Glass Staircase

If you’re ready to create a stunning new architectural feature in your office space or building, consider a glass staircase. Custom glass stairs are designed for beauty and strength with engineered glass and steel frames. With multiple options in color and transparency, you can design custom glass stairs to fit your space. Contact a local glass stairs architect for the best prices, options, and learn where you can buy glass staircase treads.